Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3 capes (es)capes - Rumney BUY-election

A Financial Crisis, Public Service sackings and a $33Million track in Lyn Thorp’s electorate less than 3 months from her re-election.

But fear not! Remember the Sorell – bypass – downgraded to a ‘rat run’ through residential streets, the ‘mirage’ Sorrel super-clinic –disappeared when you got close, the 2010 promise to by-pass Richmond – keeps getting shorter and more like the ‘Sorell solution’, The 2006 pre-election Rokeby Road promises - yet to see a shovel, the 2008 pre-election promise of Mornington traffic lights – down-graded to a roundabout after Alison Ritchie’s Pembroke re-election.. The money would be better spend fixing these roads properly, including the 18.5km of continuous double white lines between Dunalley and Taranna.

The 3 capes track promise is a Rumney Labor BUY-election promise - forgotten the moment the posterior slips into the back seat of the ministerial limo!

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