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Being accused of dishonesty by a party that protects child rapists is hypocrisy in the extreme. I completely reject any dishonesty in running for Rumney as an independent Liberal. I am a proud member of the Liberal Party which has chosen not to endorse a party candidate. I did not seek endorsement because the Legislative Council cannot function as a House of Review when dominated by members bound by party solidarity. The LegCo is where the Government is accountable for its blunders, not the place from which Ministers perpetrate them! And ALP MLCs like Lyn Thorp, John White, Michael Aird and Doug Parkinson have not exactly covered themselves in glory.

Running as an unendorsed party member is neither dishonest, nor unusual, even for the ALP. Consider Sylvia Smith, Mike Gaffney and James Crotty – all Labor members, all un-endorsed.

Neither do I hide my liberal values. In fact I will be recycling my blue state campaign posters while the local member disguises her red Labor credentials with a large yellow background. Who is hiding now!

If ALP Secretary John Dowling is concerned over dishonesty, he has plenty of work in his own party before attacking others.

Dishonesty is shedding a little tear for a 12 year girl sold into prostitution by her mother while in state care, then huffing off when it is time to reform the law so paedophiles can be prosecuted for statutory rape. Dishonesty is a European holiday tacked onto a government trip, taking a family friend in preference to the relevant advisor before being embarrassed by the press into paying the Fringe Benefits Tax. Dishonesty is hiding behind bureaucrats, advisors and press releases instead of facing the people. Dishonesty is avoiding Ministerial accountability by being thrown out of the House of Assembly Question Time by the Labor Speaker! Dishonesty is a Deputy Premier, un-acquitted after two trials for looking after a former MLC and Labor mate who pleaded guilty! Then there is the revolving door of Labor Premiers who back-flip on core policies, just to cling to power. Dishonesty is having the unions declare a phony war to make the Premier look tough and avoid responsibility for the profligate spending of a government of which she was Deputy Premier, despite knowing for 3 years that the budget was heading into GST trouble.

But this sort of ALP personal attack should not surprise. Who authorised the attack on their now coalition partners during the last election by accusing the Greens of condoning heroin dealers. Who falsely accused me of using a Council Rates mail-out to distribute my state election material, based on the unsubstantiated and disprovable claim of a person with a David O’Byrne poster in his front yard - then employed as a ‘spin doctor, the journalist who wouldn’t correct the story!

I am a proud to be a member of a party that values individualism, reward for effort, small government and wealth creating private sector hand-ups rather than the welfare had-outs that perpetuate social disadvantage. As a Legislative Councillor I do not think it appropriate to be bound by every party policy or its implementation. I will review all proposals on a case by case basis, using my extensive experience of government policy development and implementation. I will always act according to my values and in the best interests of the voters of Rumney, as I do in Local Government.

MLC’s occupy the only single member seats in the Tasmanian Parliament so they have a duty to review the Government and place their constituent’s interests ahead of party discipline. Party discipline is more appropriate to the lower house, where government are formed and discipline must be tight.

Tony Mulder

independent liberal candidate for Rumney

Sylvia Smith, MLC

I stand for the people, that I'm also independent of any party even though I'm a member of a party, I'm certainly independent of the caucus and I think I reflect the views of the people that I represent.

Transcript, Legislative council hopefuls caught on candid camera.ABC Stateline - Broadcast: 25/4/2003, Reporter: Matthew Stanley

Mike Gaffney MLC

Born in Devonport,[1] Gaffney was trained as a teacher, and entered politics as a Latrobe councillor in 1994. In 2002, he became the Mayor, and was President of the Tasmanian Local Government Association from 2006. In 2002, he contested Braddon in the House of Assembly for Labor, but was unsuccessful. In 2009 he announced his candidacy for Mersey, which was being vacated by sitting independent Norma Jamieson. Although not running as a Labor candidate, he received some support from the Labor Government. He was easily elected.[2]

Note – Michael’s web site has a link to the Premiers office, but not to that of the Greens or Liberals – how independent is that!

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